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Gerald Beigel

Hidden by non-Jewish neighbors in Berlin and working in Gestapo headquarters, Geralds' unusual experiences include treatment by Dr. Mengele, widely known for inhumane experiments on Jewish prisoners. Gerald and his family were some of the very last Jews to be caught and deported from Berlin to Auschwitz.

Ryszarda Rozenblum

Living in Lodz, Poland throughout the war, Ryszarda Rozenblum's account of life there includes the heart-wrenching separation from her parents and sister, then later her brother, before they were taken to the Chelmno extermination camp. Ryszarda is one of only 800 Jews from a city of 265,000 Jews, who spent the entire Holocaust in Lodz.

Walter Lebensohn

Walter and his mother and grandfather must survive on their own in Vienna, Austria. He describes many escapes and how the Organized Jewish Community was used to round up Jews for deportation. They escape to Hungary when there were less than 2,000 of Vienna's formerly 135,000 Jews. He is arrested in Budapest, but his mother amazingly gets him on the very last kinder train to Palestine.

Anita Karl

Beginning in Lvov, Poland, Anita's experiences include life in the ghetto, escaping the ghetto, getting authentic papers, masquerading as a Catholic, and many brushes with death. Anita is one of only 200 Survivors from a city of 165,000 Jews.


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