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Genocide continues to happen. Since the end of the Holocaust in 1945, there have been over 90 genocides or mass atrocities, resulting in the deaths of up to 55 million people. Throughout history, Jews have been slaughtered en masse at least 70 times. Is it evident that something in human nature makes genocidal behavior continuously re-occur? Civilization tries to tame the beast inside us by establishing laws to govern our behavior. These rules create a constant tug-of-war between our innate animal instincts and civilized behavior.

We are rapidly approaching the time when there will no longer be any Survivors of the Holocaust to bring that nightmare to life. Every Survivor went through many challenges. What did it take for them to survive? Would you have been able to survive?

For many years a growing number of people have been asking: how will these stories be told with the same impact when there are no longer any survivors? This film has four Survivors who share their amazing experiences in 4K – just as if they are in a room with you or visiting a classroom in person. Through this film, current and future generations can now have that experience. However, these stories come to life cinematically with incredible historical video and images that match the story, along with sound effects and music that put you in the moment.

The film’s composer, Mark Kueffner, said “this is the most important film I have ever worked on.” A producer of six Holocaust-related films says: “No Holocaust Survivor has ever been able to tell their story this well.”