Learning to conduct research with contemporaneous interviews

Contemporaneous interviews are an excellent way to obtain accurate information. Ask your students to visit www.degob.org which has the personal stories of more than 3,500 Hungarian Holocaust Survivors recorded in 1945-46. These contemporaneous Protocols are extremely valuable in understanding how difficult their lives were during 1944 and 1945. Each student should pick one female and […]

Survivors of the Holocaust – pre-study guide

From “Race to Racism” between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis murdered about one-third of all of the Jews in the world. Young and old alike were killed solely because of their ancestry. How could it happen in the twentieth century in the heart of Europe? Historians, psychologists, and theologians are still debating that question. So […]

Quiz 1

There are no quizzes yet for Against All Odds: Surviving the Holocaust. We do have a quiz and answer sheet for registered educators on our A Journey Into the Holocaust educational website.  Please register at www.ajourneyintotheholocaust.com/educators/